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(800) 690-0425

In survival situations there's no time to worry whether support equipment will perform. Mission accomplished is based on cargo being delivered safely and intact.

LoadTamer™ Cargo Nets assure troop supplies will arrive at their intended destination in a full state of readiness.

LoadTamer™ Cargo Nets, all TACOM approved, fit the following vehicles:

  1.   HMMWV

  2.   MRAP

  3.   LTT

  4.   All Tactical Trailers

  5.   2-1/2 & 5-ton trucks

  6.   1-ton stake trucks

  7.   FMTV's

  8.   MTVR trucks

  9.   Flat Racks

  10.   All LATV's

  11.   Zodiac Watercraft

  12.   Abrams/Bradley/Stryker combat vehicles

  13. Conex (Vertical Wall Nets/Containers)

Additionally, the trailer net serves the aviation community by containing personnel gear on the fuselage floor of CH47's and the 6' or 8' nets on the UH60 helicopters.

A long term contract from the DLA troop support has been awarded on these products, signifying support by the DOD and all service branches. Under DSCP contract, Cage Code 098P0, LoadTamerTM Cargo Nets are TACOM approved as AAI, Class 9 and specifically designed to fit each tactical vehicle. They can be ordered through the FEDLOG using NSN's, or through GSA Advantage.

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